Monday, August 25, 2014

A Season in Hell #186: Dubbing Man


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International artists, and Dub is on the turntables for tonight. Burning Man is a wash, so listen in and get DUB with it.

On Saturday night Radio Valencia broadcast live from Bottom of the Hill, for the annual Strummerville New Music Foundation benefit. So many great and talented musicians performing the music of Joe Strummer and The Clash. You can hear that show by going here. Most impressive was Eric McFadden's performance of Bankrobber, done in dub style. So when I was considering what to play for you tonight, and staring as I often do at my music collection for hours on end, it hit me like a brick that I should be doing a show of Dub for you.

The last half hour of the show reaches out towards other international sounds. This is a great show to either sit back and get truly deep into, or even to have on in the background while you're moving around the house, or taking a seriously deep bong hit. Either way, I think you'll really enjoy what I've created for you tonight.

Take a look at the playlist, And click the links above to stream or download this fabulous show.



A Season in Hell with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia, 87.9FM in SF

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Bankrobber Dub: The Clash
Bazooka Blast: Junior Delgado

Upper Cut: The Scientist
23rd Dub: Lee Perry

War: The Mighty Two
War is Over: The Mighty Two
Kings of the Earth: Sizzla
Dub Who I Am: U-Roy

Revolution Total Destruction: The Heptones
Jerusalem Dub Extended: Soul Syndicate

Zombie: Fela Kuti
Chatma: Tinariwen
Facing East: Thievery Corporation

Senegal Market Place: Sly Dunbar
Mulaqat Ho Gaye: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
The Mod Trade: The Black Beats

T For Texas: Toshio Hirano
Main Titles: Daniele Patucchi

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Season in Hell #185: Reverbia

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Sometimes I just need to play a bunch of stuff that I haven't heard in a while. And I also keep buying records, so I have to share those with you too. That's pretty much what you have here: a collection of music that I haven't heard in a while, and new stuff. Some of it's loud, there's some bluegrass thrown in, psychedelia, metal, Americana, gypsy-punk; you name it, it's in there. Some of the segues are priceless. The art of radio at its finest.

New music from Jack White, Boris, Hot Fog, and Obniii's



A Season in Hell with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia, 87.9FM in SF

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The Show Must Go On: Pink Floyd
Jesus Was Way Cool: King Missile
The Lifetime Achievement Awards: The Centimeters

Hard Line: The Blasters
War Drums: John Wilkes Booze
Oh Mary: Ty Segall Band

Just One Drink: Jack White
Uncle Powderbag: Obniii's
Stoner Section: David Nudelman
Crossing Remix (Andy Weatherall): Wooden Shjips

Paperhouse: Can
Super Are You: Boredoms
Ghost of Romance: Boris
Black Jack: Enrico Simonetti

Emma: Urge Overkill
Secret Fantasies of the Dragon Sun: Hot Fog
Freya: The Sword

Into the Void: Brown Sabbath
Blue Grass Special: Bill Monroe
Little Red Hen: Taj Mahal
Teen Age Riot: Sonic Youth

Immigraniada: Gogol Bordello
Portland, OR: Loretta Lynn

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Season in Hell #184: Farewell Captain, My Captain

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Happy 4th anniversary to Radio Valencia today!!! It's all about tragi-comedy tonight. And what a day to celebrate. I should be writing about how exciting it is to be celebrating four awesome years, and what is certainly the best "radio" station in San Francisco, and one of the finest in the Bay Area, but this day will be forever connected with the passing of a talent among great talents, Robin Williams.

Instead of waxing poetic about what a great cultural loss, and preaching about the need to open our hearts to those experiencing depression, I'm going to let my show speak for itself. Every set has some live stand up from the late Mr. Williams. I'm sure you'll agree he was a master of his craft, and we won't see another like him in our lifetime.

His passing does remind me of this old "joke" however:

In the year 1806, a well-dressed man in his twenties visited a doctor who was renowned throughout London for being able to treat what nowadays we'd call depression, but back then was called melancholia.

The patient explained that he felt overcome by a terrible sadness, that he didn't want to get up in the morning. He could not see any point in his existence.

"With your condition I would normally prescribe a course of my patent powders," said the doctor, "but it so happens that I have recently come across something which will alleviate your condition much more quickly.

"You must," he continued, "go to the Covent Garden theatre to see the pantomime, Harlequin and Mother Goose. This is the happiest thing I have ever seen performed on a stage, tears of laugher ran down my face. Why, sir, I can almost guarantee that watching Grimaldi the clown will cure you completely!"

"Ah, but doctor," said the man sadly, "I am Grimaldi the clown."

It feels as though you said to yourself "I've done all I can do, and it still isn't enough. When are you people going to start being happy? Forget it, I'm done.".



A Season in Hell with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia, 87.9FM in SF

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Step Right Up: Tom Waits
Alcohol: Robin Williams
Freddie's Dead: Curtis Mayfield

All in a Day: Joe Strummer
Tombstone Blues: Bob Dylan
Cocaine: Robin Williams
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Gil Scott-Heron

Loran's Dance: Idris Muhammad
Cops: Robin Williams
It's A Man's Man's World: James Brown
Happiness is a Warm Gun: The Beatles

1985: Paul McCartney and Wings
Sailor Song: First Aid Kit
Reagan: Robin Williams
Cassidy: Bob Weir

Wanted Criminal: delphine de St. Paer
N.I.B.: Brown Sabbath
Childhood: Robin Williams
Useless King of the Punks: King Buzzo

Taiyo No Baka: Boris
The Way to Eden: Star Trek Live

Monday, August 04, 2014

A Season in Hell #183: The Magnificent Seven

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It's all about 7 inches tonight. 45s people! Traditionally the 45 RPM single was the hallmark of the bands current release. It was the song they wanted to feature. Unless of course you were The Beatles, whose American label: Capitol Records, would take the 14 song LP they released in Europe, take two songs off and release those as singles on their own. Record labels suck!

Over time, bands who only had a few songs to share would press them on 45. There were even ads in the back of magazines in the 1960s and 1970s that would turn you into a recording star. All you had to do was send a cassette of your song to them and they would press it on 45! There are some real winners there. And when I say "winners" I'm sure you realize how subjective that term is.

In my own youth, we had dozens of 45s in the homestead. I relate this story during the second hour of the broadcast. It was New Years 1974 I believe, and my father was late coming home from work. We were living in Toledo, Ohio, my birthplace, and my father owned a small jewelry store, Phillips Jewelers, that also sold trinkets along with fine jewelery. As he was locking up to come home and take my very patient mother out for a New Years celebration, he stopped into the store next to his own, to wish a Happy New Year to the owner of the shop that sold billiard tables, and jukeboxes.

The story goes, the owner asked my dad to come in and have a drink to celebrate the new year. My father obliged. Many drinks, and a few hours later, may father realizes that he's very late, and needs to get home. He also realizes that he better not go home empty handed.

Meanwhile my mother is dressed and ready to go out to celebrate. I'm about 4 years old at the time. My sisters are 10 and 11 years old. I'm certain we had a babysitter there too. My father is late. Very late. Mother is not pleased.

Here comes dad.

Mom opens the door. There stands my father, looking much the worse for wear. He beacons "I bought a BIG record player", and proceeds to fall flat on his face.

My father told his friend to throw a bunch of 45s into a jukebox and follow him home. It was mostly the hits of the day: R&B, Soul, Rock, and many, many Dr. Demento-type favorites, some of which I played on the show tonight.

Whatever happened to that jukebox? It lived in four of our homes, between New Years 74/75 and 1979. It even lived in my bedroom in Greensboro, North Carolina for a year, because that's the only place it would fit. It scared the hell out of me at night; it looked to me like a robot. It was huge.

But I played that thing all of the time. Every record on the machine became my friend. I understood growing up what it meant to be a "hit". Perhaps that's why I've stayed so far away from commercial radio. I think it made me allergic to hit singles! Wow, that's a serious revelation I've just had.

So tonight it's all about the "hits"! How many of these do you recall? There are some real doozies on this playlist. Listen to the podcast. I tell some fun stories, including the one you just read about. Thanks dad, for going out for that drink...or three. I'm sure it really pissed my mother off, but unbeknownst to you, that night had a profound effect upon my life.



A Season in Hell with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia, 87.9FM in SF

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Earache My Eye: Alice Bowie
Mary Mary: Run DMC
Unknown Museum Stomp: Phantom Surfers

I've Been Everywhere: Hank Snow
Why Can't We Live Together: Timmy Thomas
Along Came Jones: The Coasters
People Get Ready: The Chambers Brothers

Can I Get A Witness: Rod Stewart
Ruby Tuesday: The Rolling Stones
I Need You: The Kinks
The Kids Are Alright: The Who

Immigrant Song: Led Zeppelin
Peter Gunn Theme: Art of Noise
Going Back to Cali: LL Cool J
Rise Above: Black Flag

Kick Out The Jams: MC5
You Got It: Mudhoney
Gary Gilmore's Eyes: The Adverts
Major Tom (German): Peter Schilling

Fantastic Voyage: David Bowie
Me and My Arrow: Harry Nilsson
Glad All Over: The Dave Clark Five
Interplanet Janet: Man or Astroman?

Please, Please, Please: James Brown
Rubber Biscuit: Chips
My Ding-a-Ling: Chuck Berry

Shaving Cream: Benny Bill
Fish Heads: Barnes and Barnes
The Curly Shuffle: Jump 'N The Saddle
Lumberjack Song: Monty Python
Smoke Two Joints: The Toyes

17 Days: Prince
Down On The Corner: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Season in Hell #182: Mystic Midway

San Francisco has a history, all long and colorful, and sometimes very controversial history of art, performance, and characters who continue to push the standards of acceptability in whichever genre or medium they work within. It has been this way since before the gold rush. Even with the deepening gentrification which continues to build upon the rich creative and cultural history of our home, there is no denying the fact that people travel here and move here not just for economic opportunity, but also, and more importantly to be a part of the transcendental artistic center of the United States, and one of the most important artistic centers of the world.

On my show tonight I feature a local performance artist, and a local show producer, both of whom add to the charm, mystique, excitement, And flavor of what makes this town spectacular.

Scott "The Professor" Levkoff is the purveyor and creative producer behind Mystic Midway, "a community of artists, technologists, game designers, performers and cultural visionaries dedicated to creating deeply engaging, entertaining and meaningful social spaces."

On the show tonight Scott talks about Mystic Midway and upcoming events.

Tom Murphy is the producer of the annual Jerry Day event held in McLaren Park every year to celebrate the birthday of local boy, musical hero, and spiritual guide Jerry Garcia. Now and its 12th year, Jerry day sports and impressive lineup of musical acts all of whom connect in some way, either artistically or personally to the life and music of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead.

Tom talks about this years event, the lineup, the venue, And his thoughts about Jerry and San Francisco.

Lots of fun music, including A Muscle Shoals set at the beginning, a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the release of the Beastie Boys classic Paul's Boutique, some new music, and a rare live Grateful Dead treat.

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Take a Letter Maria: R.B. Greaves
People Get Ready: Aretha Franklin
Baby, Let Me Kiss You: King Floyd

Interview with Scott Levkoff

Get on the Good Foot: James Brown
Sunshine of your Love: Ella Fitzgerald

Interview with Scott Levkoff

Dead Stop Carnival: Eric McFadden
Children of the Revolution: Arto Lindsey and Marc Ribot

Interview with Scott Levkoff

Shake Your Rump: Beastie Boys
Matalo: Mario Migliardi
I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper: Erika Eigen
One: Fuzz
Old Lady From Brewster: Mark Growden

Interview with Tom Murphy

China Cat Sunflower-I Know You Rider: Grateful Dead (03/08/1970 Phoenix, AZ)
The Wizard: Brown Sabbath

Agamemnon's Gambit: Hot Fog
The Trial: Pink Floyd
Spiral Meningitis: Ween

My Silver Lining: First Aid Kit

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Season in Hell #181: Art of the Segue

No guests tonight; just you and me. If you tune in regularly to my show, then you know that I don't often stick to one genre. Tonight is especially true. I'm all over the place, but I do believe that I tie it together in a nice tight, well-segued bow. Radio really is the art of the segue.

There's some new music from The People's Temple, Boris, Black Monolith, and Zig Zags. There are some classics that you've never heard before. There's a tribute to the late, great blues guitarist, Johnny Winter to start it off.

Enjoy radio the way it was born to be: a canvas painted with broad strokes by a DJ/artist trained in the art.

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A Season in Hell with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia, 87.9FM in SF

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Up in Smoke: Cheech and Chong
Manish Boy: Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter
B.B. King Medley: The Hourglass (Duane/Greg Allman

Jubilee Street: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Rokhev: Bar Kokhba
Douche bags on Parade: Mudhoney

Randy: Zig Zags
Ruins: Material
Things Ain't The Way They Used To Be: Mingus
The House on the Hill: The Mummies

If You Wanna Roll: The People's Temple
The Curve: Golden Void
No Bones for the Dogs: Joe Gibbs
Mr. Music: Sly Dunbar

Miles Runs The Voodoo Down: Miles from India
Heavy Rain: Boris

Void: Black Monolith
Cult Leader: Dopethrone

Rollin' Out: Moon Duo

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Season in Hell #180: Hanging 10 For Jesus

It's all about Techgnosis tonight. Erik Davis is with my talking about Music and spirituality. Is there really any difference?

Like any music lover who doesn't depend solely upon the commercial airwaves for pleasure, I have a deep respect for music on the spiritual plane. Music takes me places. I've lived all over this country and the one constant has been music. Every morning I wake up with a song in my head, Throughout the day I'm whistling a tune, driving in my car, working out at the gym, music is always flowing through me.

In my teens I turned on to bands with a meaning deeper then getting lucky with the girl next-door. Bands like The Doors and Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead, all of whom took me deeper and take me higher, and showed me that music can bring me closer to God.

What is it about music that has the ability to lift us on high? Is it the lyrics? Is it the notes? Is it the singer, or is it the song? Or is it all of the above? As the great and former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart proclaimed "I know it when I see it". Or in this case I know it when I hear it, And I know it when it lifts me up, taking me away from the daily anxiety that life offers me. I knew it when I was 17 and the music lifted me to such a glorious altitude, that I witnessed a solid gold bridge approach from the Sun, directly to my feet.

Erik Davis knows about music and spirituality. The music on tonight's show is not all about religion, though there are a few songs with references to Jesus and God. Don't be put off by that, the music tonight is really amazing. The discussion between the songs focuses exactly on what I am talking about: music and it's ability to lift us to a higher plane.

Erik has written extensively about spirituality. He is also written an excellent critical and spiritual review of Led Zeppelin's fourth LP for the 33 1/3 music series.

I wants to take you higher, and I think you'll agree that this show has done just that.

Stream some higher consciousness into your life, here.
Download here to lift your spirit higher.
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A Season in Hell with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia, 87.9FM in SF

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Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World: The Ramones
Time Has Told Me: Nick Drake
Goodbye: Emmylou Harris

Interview with Erik Davis

Rejoice: Agape
From This Place: Azitis
Which Way The Wind Blows: The Second Chapter of Acts

Interview with Erik Davis

It's Been Sent Down: The Exkursions
Sanc-Divided: Fraction
You And I: The Search Party

Interview with Erik Davis

I've Been Walking: Earthen Vessel
Wind: The New Creation

Interview with Erik Davis

Battle of Evermore: Led Zeppelin
Village Orchestra: The Trees Community
Jesus He Knows: The Trees Community
I Will Not Leave You Comfortless: The Trees Community

Interview with Erik Davis

Love Train: Don Cherry
Brainded Warrior: Zig Zags

Song for Che: Charlie Haden