Monday, July 28, 2014

A Season in Hell #182: Mystic Midway

San Francisco has a history, all long and colorful, and sometimes very controversial history of art, performance, and characters who continue to push the standards of acceptability in whichever genre or medium they work within. It has been this way since before the gold rush. Even with the deepening gentrification which continues to build upon the rich creative and cultural history of our home, there is no denying the fact that people travel here and move here not just for economic opportunity, but also, and more importantly to be a part of the transcendental artistic center of the United States, and one of the most important artistic centers of the world.

On my show tonight I feature a local performance artist, and a local show producer, both of whom add to the charm, mystique, excitement, And flavor of what makes this town spectacular.

Scott "The Professor" Levkoff is the purveyor and creative producer behind Mystic Midway, "a community of artists, technologists, game designers, performers and cultural visionaries dedicated to creating deeply engaging, entertaining and meaningful social spaces."

On the show tonight Scott talks about Mystic Midway and upcoming events.

Tom Murphy is the producer of the annual Jerry Day event held in McLaren Park every year to celebrate the birthday of local boy, musical hero, and spiritual guide Jerry Garcia. Now and its 12th year, Jerry day sports and impressive lineup of musical acts all of whom connect in some way, either artistically or personally to the life and music of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead.

Tom talks about this years event, the lineup, the venue, And his thoughts about Jerry and San Francisco.

Lots of fun music, including A Muscle Shoals set at the beginning, a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the release of the Beastie Boys classic Paul's Boutique, some new music, and a rare live Grateful Dead treat.

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Take a Letter Maria: R.B. Greaves
People Get Ready: Aretha Franklin
Baby, Let Me Kiss You: King Floyd

Interview with Scott Levkoff

Get on the Good Foot: James Brown
Sunshine of your Love: Ella Fitzgerald

Interview with Scott Levkoff

Dead Stop Carnival: Eric McFadden
Children of the Revolution: Arto Lindsey and Marc Ribot

Interview with Scott Levkoff

Shake Your Rump: Beastie Boys
Matalo: Mario Migliardi
I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper: Erika Eigen
One: Fuzz
Old Lady From Brewster: Mark Growden

Interview with Tom Murphy

China Cat Sunflower-I Know You Rider: Grateful Dead (03/08/1970 Phoenix, AZ)
The Wizard: Brown Sabbath

Agamemnon's Gambit: Hot Fog
The Trial: Pink Floyd
Spiral Meningitis: Ween

My Silver Lining: First Aid Kit

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Season in Hell #181: Art of the Segue

No guests tonight; just you and me. If you tune in regularly to my show, then you know that I don't often stick to one genre. Tonight is especially true. I'm all over the place, but I do believe that I tie it together in a nice tight, well-segued bow. Radio really is the art of the segue.

There's some new music from The People's Temple, Boris, Black Monolith, and Zig Zags. There are some classics that you've never heard before. There's a tribute to the late, great blues guitarist, Johnny Winter to start it off.

Enjoy radio the way it was born to be: a canvas painted with broad strokes by a DJ/artist trained in the art.

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A Season in Hell with John Hell
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Up in Smoke: Cheech and Chong
Manish Boy: Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter
B.B. King Medley: The Hourglass (Duane/Greg Allman

Jubilee Street: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Rokhev: Bar Kokhba
Douche bags on Parade: Mudhoney

Randy: Zig Zags
Ruins: Material
Things Ain't The Way They Used To Be: Mingus
The House on the Hill: The Mummies

If You Wanna Roll: The People's Temple
The Curve: Golden Void
No Bones for the Dogs: Joe Gibbs
Mr. Music: Sly Dunbar

Miles Runs The Voodoo Down: Miles from India
Heavy Rain: Boris

Void: Black Monolith
Cult Leader: Dopethrone

Rollin' Out: Moon Duo

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Season in Hell #180: Hanging 10 For Jesus

It's all about Techgnosis tonight. Erik Davis is with my talking about Music and spirituality. Is there really any difference?

Like any music lover who doesn't depend solely upon the commercial airwaves for pleasure, I have a deep respect for music on the spiritual plane. Music takes me places. I've lived all over this country and the one constant has been music. Every morning I wake up with a song in my head, Throughout the day I'm whistling a tune, driving in my car, working out at the gym, music is always flowing through me.

In my teens I turned on to bands with a meaning deeper then getting lucky with the girl next-door. Bands like The Doors and Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead, all of whom took me deeper and take me higher, and showed me that music can bring me closer to God.

What is it about music that has the ability to lift us on high? Is it the lyrics? Is it the notes? Is it the singer, or is it the song? Or is it all of the above? As the great and former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart proclaimed "I know it when I see it". Or in this case I know it when I hear it, And I know it when it lifts me up, taking me away from the daily anxiety that life offers me. I knew it when I was 17 and the music lifted me to such a glorious altitude, that I witnessed a solid gold bridge approach from the Sun, directly to my feet.

Erik Davis knows about music and spirituality. The music on tonight's show is not all about religion, though there are a few songs with references to Jesus and God. Don't be put off by that, the music tonight is really amazing. The discussion between the songs focuses exactly on what I am talking about: music and it's ability to lift us to a higher plane.

Erik has written extensively about spirituality. He is also written an excellent critical and spiritual review of Led Zeppelin's fourth LP for the 33 1/3 music series.

I wants to take you higher, and I think you'll agree that this show has done just that.

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A Season in Hell with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
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Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World: The Ramones
Time Has Told Me: Nick Drake
Goodbye: Emmylou Harris

Interview with Erik Davis

Rejoice: Agape
From This Place: Azitis
Which Way The Wind Blows: The Second Chapter of Acts

Interview with Erik Davis

It's Been Sent Down: The Exkursions
Sanc-Divided: Fraction
You And I: The Search Party

Interview with Erik Davis

I've Been Walking: Earthen Vessel
Wind: The New Creation

Interview with Erik Davis

Battle of Evermore: Led Zeppelin
Village Orchestra: The Trees Community
Jesus He Knows: The Trees Community
I Will Not Leave You Comfortless: The Trees Community

Interview with Erik Davis

Love Train: Don Cherry
Brainded Warrior: Zig Zags

Song for Che: Charlie Haden

Monday, July 07, 2014

A Season in Hell #179: Joyful Noise

Here's a fine grab bag of joyful noise for your listening pleasure. Other than the amazing Coltrane track, it's all vinyl tonight. Oh, and the opener and the Shakti tracks are off of my iPod. Don't hold it against me. I really do prefer to play all vinyl, but I have so much music is various formats, that you really can't blame me if I slide a digital track in there from time to time.

Tonight's show is a good eclectic mix. Check out the video below regarding the John Coltrane track. I had no idea, but my respect for the master just increased exponentially. There's new music from Feral Ohms, Golden Void, Boris First Aid Kit, and Black Monolith. We've got rock, punk, garage, noise, jazz, and folk. How about that?

Am I meandering? I can't really tell. I haven't slept much in the past few nights, and I drove 450 miles in 8 hours on Sunday. Everything is a bit of a fog. If you see me on the street, go easy, OK? Thanks.

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A Season in Hell with John Hell
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Cuban Pete: Dezi Arnez
Lost Weekend: Wall of Voodoo
Joset of Nazareth's Blues: Titus Andronicus

Living Junkyard: Feral Ohms
Video Violence: Lou Reed

FFF: public image limited
The Secret Life of Arabia: David Bowie
The Bogus Man: Roxy Music

Atlantis: Golden Void
Handsome Nick: The People's Temple
I Stayed Up All Night Long: The Holy Kiss

Pursuance/Psalm: John Coltrane
Lotus Feet: Shakti with John McLaughlin

Quicksilver: Boris
Eris: Black Monolith

Encrypted Bounce: Thee Oh Sees
The Bell: First Aid Kit
John The Fisherman: Primus

See It My Way: Mikal Cronin

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Season in Hell #178: Blame it on the Bourgeosie

It's time that we let the women speak. It's mostly women-fronted tunes tonight, and an interview with Elizabeth Simon of Bourgeois Productions Presents, talking up what it takes to be a serious business woman in the world of music promotions.

I'm a huge supporter of live local music, and Elizabeth Simon is deep in the heart of it. Her production company Bourgeois Productions Presents promote some of the biggest local acts in the Bay Area, performing at the best venues today. We talk about her history in the music business, her upcoming shows, and why her dog is destroying the pillow on the couch behind her, and what she's going to do about it. Which in the end was nothing at all.

Tune in for the fun, including me being verbally assaulted by her dog.

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A Season in Hell with John Hell
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My Biggest Mistake: Joan of Arkansas
Dragonfly: My Brightest Diamond
Do You Take This Man: Diamanda Galas

Not A Pretty Princess Day: Kitten on the Keys
Sweeter: Loop!Station
Waitress Song: First Aid Kit

Interview with Elizabeth Simon of Bourgeoisie Productions Presents

Sink Like Stones: Rich Girls
Charity: Religious Girls

Interview with Elizabeth Simon of Bourgeoisie Productions Presents

Hiya Kaw Kaw: Happy Fangs
93,000,000 Miles: Major Powers and the Lo Fi Symphony

Interview with Elizabeth Simon of Bourgeoisie Productions Presents

Whites: All Your Sisters
Western Addition: Social Studies
Forget the Past:: dotpunto
Young People: Hungry Skinny

Interview with Elizabeth Simon of Bourgeoisie Productions Presents

Penetrating Eye: Thee Oh Sees
Garbage Man: Delphine de St. Paƫr
Out To Sea: Heartless Bastards

Vanilla: Boris
Pink Frost: The Chills
Everything's Easy For You: King Buzzo
4th of July: X

Wo Ist Zu Ha Mama: Johnny Cash

Monday, June 23, 2014

Rock Fight 12! This Time It's An Invasion

Once again it's time to put everything down, set six hours aside, and listen to John Hell and Ron Donovan butcher each other in a knock down, drag out bootleg battle, of epic proportions!

John and Ron have quite possibly the LARGEST live bootleg collection in the known world (source unknown and possibly nonexistent), and twice a year they share it with you, dear listeners. Why? They don't have to tell you!

Tonight the focus is on five areas of their deep musical interest and knowledge: British Invasion, Blues, Led Zeppelin, Prince and James Brown. Check out the setlist below for the details.

The best part of this show besides the music, has to be the "witty" "conversation" between Ron and John. Yes, they know what they're (why am I talking in the third person? Oh well, I've already gone this far...) talking about. The two of them have been collecting live music for over 25 years (cassette, vinyl, CD, Flac), and understand the "OTHER" music industry better than most. Lots of discussion ensues.

In the fifth hour, guitar slinger Eric McFadden calls in following his show in Chicago, to share some road stories with us. He has made a number of live appearances in studio for Rock Fight's past. It's too kind of him to phone it in this time out.

About 99% are high quality soundboard recordings. Only one Zep tune is from an audience source, but what a show it was!

Who won you ask? It's possible that for the first time in over six years, it was a draw. We'll fight it out again in December.



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A Season in Hell with John Hell
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Rock Fight: Cheech and Chong
I Want to Rock: Twisted Sister (Santiago, Chile 04/19/13) -Ron Donovan (RD)
Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen (Buenos Aires 02/28/81) - John Hell (JH)
Fight to the Finish: Gamma (NYC 1980) - RD

Sinner: Judas Priest (The Palladium, NYC 11/4/79) - JH
History of Tenacious D (Higher Ground, Winooski, VT 09/28/01) - JH
Revolve: King Buzzo (Zanzabar, Louisville, Kentucky 03/20/14) JH
Hotter Than Hell: Kiss (Richfield Stadium, Richfield, OH 09/03/76) - JH

Magic Man: Heart (Shoreline, WA 1976) - RD
I Hate Myself for Loving You: Joan Jett (2013) - RD
For Whom the Bell Tolls: Metallica (Zwolle "Ijsellhall", Holland on 02-08-87) - RD
Ride the Lightning: Metallica (Zwolle "Ijsellhall", Holland on 02-08-87) - RD

British Invasion Set:
Maxwell's Silver Hammer (John singing): Beatles 1969 - JH
Piggies: Beatles (White Album Demos) 1968 - JH
Teddy Boy: Beatles (Get Back Sessions) 1968 - JH

5:15: The Who (Spectrum, Philly, PA (1973) - RD
Young Man Blues: The Who (Hull University, Hull, England 02-15-70) - JH
Gimme Shelter: Rolling Stones (Cricket Ground, Perth, AU 02/24/73) - JH
Midnight Rambler: Rolling Stones (LA Forum June 1975) - RD

You Really Got Me: The Kinks (Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI 08/10/79) - JH
Apeman: The Kinks (BBC 12/13/70) - JH

Got To Get Better in a Little While: Derek and the Domino's (Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN 11/05/70) - RD
Tell the Truth: Derek and the Domino's (Fillmore East, NYC 10-24-70) - JH

Blues Set:
Baby Please Don't Go: Muddy Waters (Antives, France 1974) - RD
Got My Mojo Working: Muddy Waters (Blues & Jazz Festival, Geneva, Switzerland 11/04/76) - JH
Forecast Calls for Pain: Robert Cray (Redrocks 1992) - RD
Summertime: Janis Joplin (Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands 04/11/69) - JH

Trouble No More: Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Eric Clapton (Dingwalls, London, England 12/03/85) - JH
Mercury Blues: Steve Miller Band (Matrix, SF 1967) - RD
Boom Boom: John Lee Hooker (The Stone, SF, CA 03/30/85) - JH
Damn Right I Got the Blues: Buddy Guy (Legends, Chicago 2012) - RD

Howlin' For My Baby: Howlin' Wolf 1952 - JH
Stormy Monday: Buddy Guy and Junior Wells (Willmantic, CT 1973) RD

I Can't Quit You, Babe: Led Zeppelin (Fillmore West, SF, CA 01/11/69)
What Is And What Should Never Be: Led Zeppelin (Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, CN 09/04/71)
Celebration Day: Led Zeppelin (Chicago, IL 07/06/73)

Schoolday/Nadine/Around and Around: Led Zeppelin (Tribute To Johnny Kidd And The Pirates Metropolitan Sports Center, Minneapolis 1/17/75)
The Song Remains the Same/Rain Song: Led Zeppelin (Earl's Court, London, UK 05-24-75)

In My Time of Dying: Led Zeppelin (The Forum, LA, CA 06/22/77)
Achilles Last Stand: Led Zeppelin (Kingdome, Seattle, WA 07/17/77)

Electric Chair: Prince (Saturday Night Live 1989)
Let's Go Crazy: Prince (Orange Bowl, Miami, FL 04/07/85)
Cold Sweat: James Brown (Dallas, TX 08/26/68)

Let's Work: Prince (DNA Lounge, SF, CA 04/24/13)
Let Yourself Go/There Was A Time/I Feel Alright: James Brown (Apollo Theater 1966)

Get On The Good Foot: James Brown (Lucerne, Switzerland 1973)
Living in America: James Brown (SF Hilton Ballroom, San Francisco, CA 10/12/92)

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Season in Hell #177: Reaching For The Stars

Listening to my show is really great if you have ADD. I don't have ADD, then again it's possible that some people might suggest that maybe, possibly, perhaps a chance, you never know, maybe John Hell has a little bit of ADD. Never been diagnosed! Though as a child I was told that I was hyperactive, I would very quickly find my way to sugar if it was within smelling distance. With that being said, listening my show is also a soothing and calming experience for many. For instance, take tonights show, please (HA!). I was pretty much in the mood for all Jazz, and okay fine, maybe a little funk, and possibly a little soul. But really in the end doesn't all of that kind of fit into the same nice big fat funk box?

And then something amazing happened, the "legendary" DJ Casey Kasem left this mortal coil. He kicked the bucket. He moved off into the outer worlds. So, of course that left me no choice but to present him and the only way that I find relevant, Which is of course to play Negativland

You see, as a long time noncommercial, underground DJ, I have always found the late Mr. Kasem to be, how should I put this politely, a bit of a turd. Yes, it's true I really do believe that he is one of the major forces of evil, or, should I say was one of the major forces of evil in all of the commercial music industry. So I am not really finding that I miss him. As a matter of fact if anything I'm thrilled. I mean no offense. And who knows what that means? I don't mean any offense to his family or his friends or even his fans, but I will tell you that I really believe deep in my heart he caused more damage for talented and original musicians then possibly any of the owners of commercial media in the United States since the 1970s.

So I interrupted some jazz funk soul programming on my show this evening to pay"tribute" to Mr. Kasem, and hoping that may be the final nail in the coffin for himself and people who feel obliged to believe that they can seriously determine what America wants to listen to. Yeah, keep on reaching for the stars there Casey. As a matter fact get as far out here as you possibly can. Maybe now some real talented and original artists will have a chance to make there own impression on the listening audience without you dictating who should be on top? Say hi to Dick Clark for me.

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A Season in Hell with John Hell
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Long Distance Dedication: Negativland
Ruffneck Jazz: Greyboy

Kush: Dizzy Gillespie
The Turnaround: Big John Patton

Memory Hole: Bobby Previte
Home Affairs: Osibisa
Evil Eye: Clifford Jordan and John Gilmore

China: The Visitors
Hideaway: Wardell Gray
Freeman: George Freeman

Investigation: Carl Holmes
Long Distance Dedication #2: Negativland
Something Different: Prepositions
Marvin's Groove: BW Souls

I Want You (She's So Heavy): George Benson
Creole Love Call: Roland Kirk

What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong